Postcards from Europe:

December 24, 2016

We, and I think almost everyone, knew that the German Languange was borderline impossible

But we didn't realize how intimidating that could get until we were actually there. All those memes about German-we wholeheartedly get it now that they're true.

Thankfully though, everyone we've met knows English and were so nice and helpful, so communication wasn't that big of a problem.

We landed in Berlin Tegel, then took the TXL to Berlin Hauptbahnhof to get our train tickets to Duisburg. The airport and HBF weren't that far from each other, but it took us a really long time, hauling our big luggage and trying not to get off at the wrong stop. We finally made it there, and after a 4-hour wait at the station, we were on our way to Duisburg.

Our first impression on the ICE train was "this is so much better than Amstrack!" Amazed was written all over our faces, but that didn't last long. When the ticket collector came, he told us we were in the wrong cabin. We booked tickets for second-class but sat at first (that's why it was so nice), and it's either we have to move or pay the extra. So we moved, and second-class looks so much more familiar to whate I'm used to.

After about a 4-hour train ride, we finally reached Duisburg.