Postcards from Europe:

December 24, 2016

The sleepless nights still continued after finals ended.

We were still in the planning phase of our trip to Europe. Our flight departs the day after tomorrow, and the only sure things were the dates on our Schengen visa and our plane tickets. BUT we managed to make it happen.

Our trip in a nutshell, including layovers: Boston-Paris-Berlin-Duisburg-Cologne-Duisburg-Amsterdam-Duisburg-Munich-Berlin-Iceland (Reykjavik and Keflavik). The first half of the trip, there were three of us: my friend Shirley, my brother, and me--at least we have one Asian that speaks German. The second half, it was just Shirley and me.

The day of our departure, our flight was cancelled. Everything worked out in the end, though. We were originally supposed to be flying with United Airlines, from Boston to New Jersey then to Germany, but after the cancellation, we were rerouted with Air France--honestly, one of the best things that happened. When we were buying the plane tickets we probably looked at Air France flights as well (because Paris, why not) but they wer probably those better ones we couldn't afford. So we went home for a quick shower then came back to catch the flight.