Note to Self

February 4, 2017


-A date that commemorates not only the achievement of our undergraduate degrees but also the end of our primary occupation as a student (well, unless you're directly continuing grad school...) - the feeling of uncertainty and the ease towards comparison of "success" becomes default. What are you doing after graduating? How many applications did you send? A hundred? Why not more?

It might just be laziness, but I'd like to believe that this urge in me to find something else other than commands and paths of society is something more. I wrote this poem a year back when I felt like I was a failure - a note to self to remind me that there's really more to life than being deemed successful by others. Hope it resonates with anyone who's hating similar struggles.

Let my self esteem not be governed by how many of my memories you can recognize,
Let loose these bonds of achievements, these stocks of degrees, names you call me
That don't represent me
And my soul, we
Don't quite agree with that.

We are the free spirits.
We are them who don't remember.
Don't know, don't care.
We are not recorded in autobiographies
Nor looked up to as models of inspirations, we
Are not know.

And they can never capture,
What they don't know, they
Can never judge,
What they don't understand
We are the